Pokémon Go Bespoke rides in Craiglist and Kijiji

Pokémon GO  players bespoke rides offered at Craiglist and Kijiji

Tired of fighting with the crowds, dodging bicycles and twisted ankles? Here is the answer to getting to Pokéstops, catching lots Pokémons and moving up to higher levels without breaking out a sweat. Bespoke chauffeured rides in good cars, nice cars or luxury cars are here to service hard core Pokémon Go players. For only $20 – $25 dollars an hour, players will be chauffeured around town to search and catch Pokémons for their collection. Some even offer snacks and drinks and most offer charging stations.


http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Pikachu 1

This new service has emerged in the Toronto and Vancouver area to offer rides to Pokémon Go players to catch their Pikachus and Charmanders.  Not only playing Pokémon Go is expensive, the in-app purchases are not cheap too. More creative external services will start to emerge. Maybe someone will offer services to play your Pokémon Go account while you are at work or school. The creativity goes on. How far does one want to go to be a Pokémon Master?  The demand for external services will determine that.

A caveat for the passengers, in the event of an accident without the appropriate insurance the driver and the passenger might not be covered. Nevertheless, go out and explore your city and enjoy the game and stay safe.


Currently level 10 Pokemon Go player


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